AFRL STEM Demo Library

tThe AFRL STEM Demo Library provide field tested demos for STEM professionals that bring concepts to life for presentations, displays, and explorations to support STEM professionals as they engage with … Read More

My Happy Genes App

My Happy Genes gives you hyper-personalized reports on how your genes affect you. They use your own DNA data (from 23andMe, Ancestry or their own My Happy Genes DNA test … Read More

Spark Kindness App

The Spark Kindness App’s entire focus is to allow for easy sharing of acts of kindness you encounter throughout your every day life and bring them together for the world … Read More

Choice Recovery Path App

Choice Recovery Path™ was created as a software platform that provides everyone in the recovery process with more information – and more accountability – in real time. The app allows … Read More

TechHire New Mexico Website

Whether you are an individual dreaming of an IT career, or an employer with IT staffing and training needs, TechHire New Mexico has the funding to get you where you want to be.

AFRL Laser Simulation App

AFRL Wanted a way to educate the public and get them interested in laser research by showing off the physics of lasers — from photons hitting molecules to various subsystems and parameters, the capabilities of lasers and how they interact with different targets, and the usefulness of lasers – including protection/weapons, communications, and more.